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Overcoming the Neutral Zone Trap: Hockey's Agents of Change

Edited by Cheryl A. MacDonald, and Jonathon R.J. Edwards

Contributions by Angie Abdou, Kieran Block, Cameron Braes, William Bridel, Judy Davidson, Catherine Houston, Chelsey H. Leahy, Roger G. LeBlanc, Fred Mason, Brock McGillis, Vicky Paraschak, Brett Pardy, Ann Pegoraro, Kyle A. Rich, Tavis Smith, and Noah Underwood

Afterword by Colin D. Howell

Published by: The University of Alberta Press

Imprint: University of Alberta Press

Published: October 2021

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Imprint: University of Alberta Press

Page Count: 304 Pages

Dimensions: 6.00 x 9.00

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ISBN: 9781772125795

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