11th Annual University Press Week

Next UP” is this year’s annual University Press Week theme! The Association of University Presses is an organisation of more than 150 international nonprofit scholarly publishers. University presses are continuously and positively evolving. This year marks this celebration’s 11th year. The AUP states, “Next UP” is a convenient choice to keep the eleventh year that the global community of university presses has come together to celebrate its work in the broader publishing ecosystem. Readers and consumers can expand their reading choices more than ever before. At the same time, the challenges facing publishers are significant, whether they are presented by technological advances, supply chain issues and materials shortages, or politically motivated objections to specific ideas or books. Read more here

This week, I will share why I applied to work with the University of Toronto Press Distribution. I worked with an academic publisher for 11 years before my role as a contractor for UTPD. A full-time position presented itself, and I applied; after all, I had come to enjoy working with the brilliant and professional people on my team. Luckily, I am currently working with UTP’s distribution centre, where I plan to learn, thrive and succeed.

I am an award-winning BIPOC author of Children’s books and a columnist for Canada’s most prominent Caribbean newspaper. My stories share the cultural joy of unrepresented children in picture books. I have found my passion in literature; I live in a world of publishing, and my stories invite all readers to celebrate with me. I also get to post fun blogs and recommend some of the thousands of books we successfully distribute. Publishing is a beautiful world, and I love the scent of old and new books. So, it is safe to say my home is where the books reside.

Ps – check out Grusha Singh’s journey of getting into publishing as she celebrates her first anniversary with the University of Toronto Press.